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After more than five years as Sophia Duvall, I am fortunate to be very selective about the company I choose to keep as I've built a truly exceptional reputation. My website has become membership-based (gratis), so that I know who has access to the images and information presented therein. Please note that website members are under no obligation to request a booking.  Membership is available to all known friends and to those who become verified.


To be granted website membership, please email and kindly introduce yourself and include your screening information for verification. Screening info includes: your full legal name and phone number, plus website links and emails addresses for two or three recent references and/or employment verification info (e.g.your company name, your job title, and a link to your LinkedIn profile).


Once I've verified that you are who you say you are, your screening info will be deleted and you will be granted full access to my website, including: About me & About us; Several dozen professional & candid photos; my Schedule; Rates; Etiquette & FAQ; Ethics and Core Values page; my Interview page; my Interests & Recommendations; and my "recommended friends" page.


*If you are a provider seeking a reference, please email me at the aforementioned email address, and I'll get back to you ASAP.*



Website membership