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Ready to start our journey? I’m thrilled! I’m based out of Washington DC and New York City, and can join you almost anywhere in the world. All great experiences benefit from proper planning, thus I require 24 hours notice at minimum, but a week or more is strongly encouraged.


Our time together will be delicious. We'll take the time to discover our chemistry and deeply connect with one another. I adore seduction and the thrill of anticipation.


Versatile, vivacious and adept at international travel, I’m a woman with whom you can enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner date, a night on the town, an adventurous weekend away, an invigorating trip exploring the outdoors, or an extended holiday abroad.


Please know that all patrons are thoroughly screened and verified before we schedule our first time together and for Virtual Paramour Arrangements, to ensure safety and compatibility. Any info you send will be handled with the utmost discretion. Discretion is my number one priority (mutual enjoyment is my number two priority, of course!). Please scroll down to find out the pertinent details for how to get in touch.



My preferred method of contact is via ProtonMail, a free email service that offers end-to-end encryption, which provides an essential layer of privacy, data security, and discretion than other more well-known email services. If you do not already have a ProtonMail address, it is quick and easy to sign up for a free account here.


You may email me your introduction with your screening info at All genuine inquiries containing full screening information will receive a response from I or my assistant Kate within 12-24 hours. Please note that initial introductions that you do not contain screening info, and messages containing explicit language or illegal requests will be ignored.


A pointer on introductions...

Please approach your communications with me just as you would on a traditional dating site. You can include your age, nationality, profession, disability, likes and dislikes, etc. This will ensure that we are able to establish a promising rapport before we meet. Please do not forget to include your screening information in your initial email. I screen via government-issued IDs, employment verification and/or references. You can read more about screening options here.


Companion reference requests: I am very reference friendly! Companions, if you are seeking a client reference from me, please email me at the address listed above, ideally from your ProtonMail address. Please note I will not give client reference info via any other means other than email (such as phone, direct messages on social media, or messages sent on verification sites). I endeavour to respond to reference requests ASAP.

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