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Compassion and empathy: Whatever your background and personal tastes, I will always engage with you a non-judgmental and compassionate manner, in-person and when we communicate from afar.


Consent and Boundaries: Consent and boundaries are key to satisfying encounters. I will always explicitly seek your consent, at the start of our time together and throughout, and ask that you do the same. Boundaries are essential too, and I vow to always respect yours and expect you to do the same for me.


Integrity and Communication: I’m a big fan of direct, open, honest communication, and I want to do everything I can to ensure that we have a wonderful time together! This type of communication is essential for getting to know one another’s likes and dislikes, understanding and respecting boundaries, and seeking mutual consent. I understand that direct communication can feel a little uncomfortable sometimes, but it is the lynchpin for the integrity of our connection.


Professionalism: As a professional companion providing romantic and intimate experiences, I pride myself on being the best possible version of my genuine self when we are together. That doesn’t mean that I’m perfect or without flaws, but I ensure that I’m well-rested, in a good headspace, feeling happy, relaxed, and energetic.