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I've never done this before. I'm new and/or nervous. Will you still see me?


Of course, I would be absolutely flattered if you chose me to introduce you to the wonderful world of companionship.


Where shall we meet? Do you arrange the venue or do I?


I am happy to arrange a private place for us to meet, or I can meet you at a venue that you have arranged (such as a hotel). I am very happy to start the beginning of our date in a public venue for dinner, drinks, or wandering around a museum, etc.


Do you see women? Couples?


Yes - enthusiastically to both! I adore seeing women and couples. If you would like another companion to join us, check out my friends page.


Why did you choose to engage  in this vocation?


My friends consider me a self-reflective introvert, which is certainly true, but I honestly adore meeting new people!  I love seeing people from all walks of life and corners of the world, who I otherwise would not get to meet.


I feel a bit nervous about providing you with my screening information. Can you please tell me about your screening and discretion policy?


I completely understand that sending me your screening info can be a bit nerve-wracking, for some. I ask for the minimum amount of information I need to feel comfortable and safe on an intimate date with someone I’ve never met before. I have a very thorough privacy and discretion policy that I’ve developed over the years, you are welcome to read about it here.


May I use you as a reference?


Absolutely, if we have seen each other in the past 6 months, you are very welcome to use me as a reference when you want to go on a date with someon else. I can provide up to to  references after each time we've met (after I've given two references, someone else you've seen more recently should be able to vouch for you.) Please send me an email in advance, so I know to expect the request and from whom, so that I can ensure that I respond to the reference request promptly. Please note that I will not respond to a reference request without advance notification from you, in order to protect your privacy/discretion.


Do you have reviews?


I have a very strict no-review policy. By contacting me you agree that you will not write/publish any reviews about any of the time we have spent together.


May I give you a gift?


Gifts are never necessary, but nonetheless always appreciated. If you would like to give me a gift, please consider giving me a good book.


Gift vouchers are truly always appreciated!


For any amount: (NB: sadly I cannot use GCs from,, etc. - it must be from Amazon's .com site)

For $50+: Sur la Table, REI, Lululemon


My favourite lingerie brands are La Perla and Coco de mer (32C for bra, and size small for knickers and stockings), and I always appreciate stockings from Wolford (size small) and gift vouchers to Net-a-porter. For more ideas, feel free to peruse my wishlist (as of Sept 2018, this is very out of date, but I will update it soon!) Despite my immense love of chocolate, please do not give it to me as a gift - I work hard to maintain my toned, petite figure.


Deposit & Cancellation policy


What is your deposit policy?


While I love going on dates, I live a full life and have many other irons in the fire. Therefore, I have a deposit and cancellation policy, which pertains to both myself and those who choose to date me. Having built an exceptional reputation  over the past few years, I have zero interest in ruining that by running off with your deposit. All dates are secured with a discreet 25% non-refundable deposit (50% when I am on "tour"), which can be done easily and anonymously. Receiving this deposit is what confirms our date in my calendar. Just as many others ask for your credit card or pre-payment as a guarantee (such as hotels, dentists, contractors, etc), I too ask for this. Because I will arrange my busy life around our date, having a deposit puts me at ease, which contributes to developing a great rapport even before we spend time together.


What is your cancellation policy?


For cancellations: a 25% cancellation fee is incurred 48 hours from the start of our date (50% when I am on tour), 50% within 24 hours; 100% within 12 hours. In the very unlikely event that I need to cancel, which I would only do in extreme circumstances, I will refund your deposit immediately and offer you some extra time (gratis!) during our next date. If you need to cancel outside of the 48-hour window, I will retain your deposit to be applied to a rescheduled date within two months of the original date.




So, I have some concerns about health…

Health is very important to me, so I get full health screens done regularly.  (Do you?) If you have any concerns regarding a disability you might have, please feel free to contact me about this in advance and I'm certain we can ensure we both have a good time. For my health: please don't smoke around me or right before we meet (as I am allergic), and please don't wear cologne or perfume or heavy scents (as I am HIGHLY allergic).


When we meet


What are the expectations during our date?


Grooming: I take great care of my hygiene and appearance, and put in maximum effort for our date. I expect the same in return from the people I choose to meet. This includes taking a thorough shower, brushing your teeth, and shaving just before we meet. If this is not possible (e.g. you are coming to our date directly from work or other engagement, and/or we are spending time together in public at the start of our date), I ask that you take time to shower and freshen up at the beginning of our private time together. If I feel you have not freshened up thoroughly, I won’t hesitate to ask you to do so again. Please note that I prefer freshly shaven faces or soft beards, as stubble tends to be too harsh on my skin.


Behaviour: I expect courteous and gentlemanly behaviour at all times. If I feel my consent, safety, or comfort are under threat during our time together, I will end our date immediately without a refund.


Alcohol and substance use: I enjoy drinking socially  (which can include sharing a couple of glasses together - heavy reds are my favourite!). However I am not a ‘party girl’, so I will discontinue our date if you become overly intoxicated or are under the influence of any illicit substance during our time together.


Photos: Many people rely on me to keep my face a pretty little secret. I often go out in public with my clientele for dinner, cultural outings/night life, and holidays, and apart from that I have a full life outside of the demimonde. It is for this reason that I don't show my face in my photos - I never have and I never will.


Correspondence and screening: I do not have an assistant and I handle all of my own correspondence - the only person who will see your information is me. Your screening information will be deleted once I have verified you. For your assurance, I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement on request. As Protonmail is one of the most secure email services out there (over and above anything like gmail, for example), I've chosen to use it for all of my correspondence. If you wish, once we've made initial contact, I can send over encrypted emails to you, which will require a password in order to be opened and read. My default email address is, but in case you'd prefer to receive a message from a more discreet address, I have an unpublished email addresses that does not contain any information that could be traced back to my website or online presence. If you prefer to correspond with that address instead of my default, please let me know on the booking form.


Phone: I will never contact you by phone (either by calling or texting) unless we have previously agreed a specific time to do so. I do not publish my phone number anywhere online, so it's not google-able. My voicemail has no personal greeting, so if anyone else in your life found my number and were to call it, there would be no identifying information. I also don't answer phone calls to my phone unless we've agreed to speak in advance at a specific time, for this reason. I change my phone number every few months as part of my discretion policy, so if we've not met for a while, please try to remember to ask if my contact number is the same.


If we bump into each other in public: As I am a very private person who highly appreciates discretion in all things, please do not approach me if you see me in public. I could be with friends or family and it could create an uncomfortable situation for all of us. Even if I look like I am alone, I may not be. If I see you in public, I will never approach you or otherwise make it known that we are acquainted, even if you appear to be alone at the time, for the very same reasons. Thank you for understanding.

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