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Q: Where are you aching to go you have yet to visit?


This beggars belief, but I have yet to spend any time in South America - the Inca Trail and the Galapagos Islands are high up on my list. Climbing a glacier with me in Iceland or showing me the Norwegian fjords is a sure way to my heart. My dream would be to go when the Northern Lights are visible. One day, I would really love to go to Antarctica - yes, really!


Q: What is the hallmark of a great first date?


Typically, it starts over good food and wine, or a visit to an art exhibition. Taking it slow, we would savour the opportunity to flirt, tease, confide, and play -- getting to know one another, so we find out exactly what makes us tick and how we fit together.


Q: What brings you joy?


Being outdoors, surrounded by nature - realising the beauty of my insignificance, in the grand scheme of it all.


A fantastic culinary experience. A sip of a delicious, full-bodied red.


That electric zap of chemistry experienced when embraced by someone you adore.


Q: How has dating helped you grow as a person?


Dating has helped me learn how to connect deeply with people from all walks of life, no matter their background. Sometimes the deepest and most meaningful experiences I have are with people with whom I initially suspected I’d have very little in common. I’m constantly surprised by how well I can connect with others, and I feel deeply honoured by the opportunity to meet and engage with people this way.


Q: Which qualities do you find most attractive in others?


Curiosity, compassion, generosity of spirit, and a wry sense of humour.


Q: Are you more of a TV, film, or book person? What have you seen or read in the past year that has made the biggest impact on you?


I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to choose, and thankfully I am able to live the type of life that means I usually don’t have to. ;-)


In early 2016, I read a book called “The Swerve: how the world became modern” by Stephen Greenblatt, which is a story about how the rediscovery of ancient wisdom/knowledge revolutionised the (intellectual) world. Overall it was stunning and gave me a new perspective on the history of modernity.


In late 2016, I went wild for the film Arrival. I’m a sci-fi fan, but have always felt alien movies lacked depth, for lack of a better word. The storyline in Arrival was breathtaking in a very refreshing way, and the nerdy linguistic theme fascinated me. It seemed far more believable to me than any other alien-centered film I’ve seen.


In terms of television, my favourites are Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica (the reimagined version from the 2000s), Breaking Bad, Firefly.


Q: Name your greatest virtue and vice.


This is a tough one. I asked my best friend, who said that my greatest virtue is that I never give in, ever. I have rock-steady, steadfast determination, that means I have accomplished a lot in life in the face of great adversity. In terms of my greatest vice, I can’t decide between perfectionism, workaholism, or hedonism. On second thought, it’s probably indecisiveness…


Q: What is your perfect night in?


Honestly? A night of steamy passion, starting with a home-cooked meal and a full-bodied bottle of red… although sometimes I prefer pizza and movies in my pyjamas. Get yourself a woman who can do both. ;-)


Q: Who would you invite to bed: 'Seven of Nine' or 'Sub-Commander T'Pol'?


You can’t make me choose between them… BOTH!


Q: You describe yourself as introverted. How does your personality influence your relationship style in the world of dating?


Fantastic question. I wrote a blog entry all about being a introvert in this world , which you can read here.