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I adore meeting people via this method, and screening is part of what I do to ensure the continuation of that adoration. My screening process ensures my safety and our compatibility. Undergoing this process is a non-negotiable requirement in order to be able to meet me - I do not respond to messages from individuals who are unwilling to be screened. You can read about my discretion policy here.


Here are the screening options for verification:


Employment screening: please provide your full name and mobile phone/cell phone number (no burners or google voice numbers), along with either a work switchboard number I can reach your extension through or your work email address. You could also send me your LinkedIn profile in addition to the aforementioned information (a LinkedIn profile by itself is not sufficient). In addition, a reference from another companion would also be lovely (though not required). References are  companions with whom you have spent time within the past 6 months.


References screening: please provide your full name and mobile/cell phone number (no burners or google voice numbers), along with two references from independent companions (of any gender) who have seen you in the past 6 months. They must have their own website URL and email address, and not be in retirement. References from agencies are not accepted.


ID Verification: In certain cases, where neither employment verification nor recent references can be provided (e.g. you are retired/do not work and you've never seen a companion before), I ask for a scan/photo of a government-issued photo ID showing your full name (I will double-check this against the ID you provide when we meet to ensure it matches) along with your mobile/cell number. I might require identification verification, even if you have undergone employment verification and/or references screening.


Please note:

All screening information can deleted after I have verified that you are who you claim to be. If you have celebrity/privacy concerns I am always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.