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Unless otherwise stated below, I am generally available in London and worldwide by arrangement for travel bookings and fly-me-to-you dates. For dates in London, a week or more of notice is ideal, and 24 hours of notice is the recommended minimum, however it doesn't hurt to get in touch to check whether I can meet with less notice.


NB: I keep a low profile when it comes to travel and international availability. I travel regularly and do not post dates publicly. To pre-screen to join my travel/tour-specific mailing lists, simply fill out my pre-screening form and I will respond to you within a few days.  I keep separate mailing lists to announce availability in these specific cities, so please indicate which list(s) you would like to join: New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Singapore.



Available in London and New York



Touring New York, Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco

Available in London again from the 22nd


NB: please email with your screening info to inquire about my specific availability in any of these locations.