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Below you can read recent testimonials, and excerpts from some older reviews.

As of August 2016, I've started accepting testimonials for my website, as I would like to offer an alternative to review boards. If you have seen me and would like to submit a testimonial, I would be delighted to hear from you - simply email me at I ask that you keep any descriptions free of graphic detail, although playful innuendo is lovely and welcome.

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"Exquisitely formed, witty and erudite, Sophia is a captivating companion for the grand or relaxed occasion. A tactile delight at once silken and toned, her own touch is electrifying, gentle but assured. A beguiling spirit, Sophia can be savoured like fine wine or devoured with urgency. Naturally intuitive, she appeals equally as conductress or accompanist depending on your mutual whims. I have found this lady a charming partner in crime and convivial conversationalist, and am impatient to see where our next adventure leads!"

Rx, August 2016, London.


"Time spent with Sophia is an experience that cannot be merely described in words.  It would really be doing her a disservice, but I will try.

Sophia, as mentioned, is an experience. She is a fantastic combination of beauty, intelligence and charm which stimulates both body and mind. Physically, she is truly beautiful with a charming and slightly cheeky edge. She possesses an incredible breadth of knowledge and life experience that makes conversations interesting, funny and challenging.  She has this wonderful ability to build rapport and chemistry which makes time spent with her feel like that dream date that you have always wanted has actually come true.  I have been left speechless and smiling each time we have met.

My life is all about creating unforgettable memories, and Sophia has been part of many I have made recently and I have a feeling will part of many yet to come.

Simply a treasure that needs to admired, savoured and appreciated."

M, London, August 2016.

"What to say about Sophia? She has an almost ludicrous number of arrows in her quiver of charms, it is hard to know where to begin. She is an elegant, charming and of course devastatingly beautiful and sexy young lady. Without wishing to be tawdry her body is exquisite, and exploring it with her is a joy that must be experienced to be understood. I can do no better than recommend that you read her blog and follow her on twitter to better appreciate this adventurous beauty.


I have had a wonderful and passionate experience every time I have met Sophia - a joy I hope to repeat on many more dates in times to come."

E, August 2016, London.



"Thoughts from across the pond...all of us have had moments in our lives, when we meet someone whose personality, energy, thoughts, and uniqueness causes us to open our eyes, and smile!  

Ms Duvall embodies these qualities, and then some.  From our first dinner date to our duo with her wonderful friend, I have been beguiled by her charm.  If you're seeking a woman that is recognized as a role model by her peers, champions her colleagues, and continually strives to form a connection with her clients, then please introduce yourself.  As I once said, with all admiration intended, 'I hope to be like you when I grow up...' "

B, August 2016, NYC.

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"Petite, fit, trim and perfectly in proportion, she is gorgeous in her photos and even better in the flesh. I defy anyone to not find her hot on first sight. Ask me to describe my perfect woman and Sophia would be the result.


Sophia favors a longer date with the chance for some social interaction, which I also prefer. Whip-smart on a wide range of topics, academic, professional and cultural, she embodies the true art of the courtesan in engaging you at all levels. You will truly believe that, for your time together, you are the only person she cares about and she is totally focused on you.


Sophia is very clear about her likes and dislikes on her website; within those she is open minded and very willing to explore. Though I’ve not yet sampled all of her likes, those we’ve enjoyed have been amazing...


The Sophia Duvall experience is addictive, be warned!"

February 2016


"Sophia... has a great sense of humour, we laughed a lot together. She treated me as though I was a long-lost boyfriend she hadn't seen in many months who she'd been longing for...


...I don't want to go into too much detail but this is the most memorable encounter I've experienced since I entered the hobby with a beautiful sexy girl... I can't wait to see her again."

September 2015


"Sophia delivers exactly what she promises - a sophisticated, intelligent and elegant lady with a beautiful body and a naughty twist. A gorgeous girl."

September 2015


"I saw Sophia twice during my recent trip to London, once for two hours and once for a cocktail date... with dessert ;). Both times she came to my hotel dressed elegantly with just enough skin on show.


I found her charming, intelligent, cultured, fun, and stunningly beautiful. The lady is a consummate companion: captivating, powerful, gorgeous, highly-skilled, creative, and captures the mind at least as well as she captures the body. We had easy conversation throughout. She is clearly intelligent. While I won't go into details about what happened behind closed doors, I can say she is talented and enthusiastic. Definitely a true experience, this was no cookie cutter date. I plan to see her again the next time I am in London."

September 2014