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Given I am extremely mobile with a huge passion for travel, I would be delighted to travel to meet you exclusively or take a holiday/vacation together. My passport allows me to easily travel to the vast majority of the world without any issue.


Fees for Travel companionship and fly-me-to-you dates are bespoke, fully customised to the specific itinerary and travel costs involved. My strong preference is to travel independently and meet you at the destination. I would be pleased to join you on a business trip, to ensure that the time you’re not working is anything but boring. I also love off-the-beaten path adventures, as I love spending time in nature and I've been told more than once that I am "rugged". ;) Thus far, I have travelled and lived in more than 30 countries in the world, and I'm always up for adding more stamps to my well-loved passport!


To inquire: please send me an itinerary with dates, times, location, and activities involved, and I’ll respond with a bespoke quote. NB: If I am joining you on a business trip in which I'll have considerable free time while you are elsewhere attending to business obligations, my quote will reflect this.



If we are spending longer than 24 hours together, alone time of three hours for each additional day is requested for rest and reinvigoration. Please note that a 50% deposit is required to confirm our date in my calendar, at which point I will book my travel. The remaining 50% is due prior to my departure to meet you.

  • Consideration is for time and companionship only; whatever happens during the time we spend together is a private choice between consenting adults.


  • As a social and private companion, dates longer than two hours always involve spending social time together and sharing refreshments (food and drink). Dates of 3-4 hours include up to two hours of private time.


  • All dates are secured with a discreet 25% deposit, and travel companion/fly-me-to-you bookings are secured with a 50% deposit. (Read more about my deposit and cancellation policy on my FAQ page.


  • Overnights include dinner and a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. Dates of 24hrs include dinner, breakfast, and 3 hours of alone time for each full day we spend together. Extended holidays will usually require a multi-bedroom venue, although we can share a bed at night.

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